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Est. May 7th, 2001 - Last update December 5th 2004

July 18th, 2004
 Well Episode ten (the second Pay-per-view) is finally written. Will I write more? Or will I post the new episodes? Only time will tell!
April 5th, 2004
 LOL! Almost a year since an update! Just moved, so uh...yeah proabably no updates for a while still. I DO have the eps written. much effort to post...grunt.
October 5th, 2003's been a while since anything has happened here. Must find time to update soon!
May 27th, 2003
  TFW Episode five is up! But this is no ordinary show...this is HYPERDRIVE! TFW's very first pay-per-view with revelations, new alliances, the end for some, a new beginning for others. This is HYPERDRIVE! the current episode!
May 21st, 2003
At last! With my practicum finally finished, TFW can continue. This week were posting Monday Night Energon (Episode 4) and this spiffy new Shockwave icon. Stay tuned. TFW's first Pay-Per-View is next!
May 5th, 2003
Well it looks like college is getting in the way of updating the site. Im currently on a practicum 150km from home (and writing this at work so don't tell anyone!) Hopefully after my graduation in June, Episodes will resume. Keep chcking in!
March 17th, 2003
 The third episode of TFW Energon is online! Episode 2 has been move to the archives.
March 11th, 2003
  Updated the site today bacause Tripod's sitebuilder crapped out yesterday! Anywho, ENERGON EPISODE TWO IS UP! But read that first before you chack out the again updated roster.
March 5th, 2003
  The roster is now complete.
  TFW should be able to post episodes every Monday (until we run out) so old episodes will go to the archive pages.
  Monday night Energon Episode 2 will air this coming Monday the 10th! Stay tuned!
March 1st, 2003  
   Welcome to the triumphant return of TFW! Transformer Wrestling's origins go waaaaay back past the turn of the century. October 2000, "Shockwave" gets online and discovers the TWF (Transformer Wrestling Federation) at, headed by Matrix Prime.
   Under nomickers such as "Suppressor" and "Sludge", our hero learned the ropes of TF e-feds. During a brief stint at the doomed TCW (Transformer Championship Wrestling) he took the name of Shockwave and later created this. Well, a revival of this...his own...TFW!
   TFW lasted an amazing seven episodes and featured dozens of characters RP'd by some of the most...interesting...handlers to roam the net. This is the fourth generation of TFW and sadly, there are no plans to restart the RPing aspect of the Fed (lack of time).
   TFW is now an archive and possibly the site of additional episodes, written by Shockwave to vent creativity.
  Please ignore the construction, and enjoy Transformer Wrestling!

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