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President Shockwave's Guest Services

Originally aired June 25th, 2001


In the wake of TFW's Pay-Per-View Hyperdrive, Shockwave leaves Thundercracker to run the show. Only one match- Jazz vs Hot Rod and Thundercracker!


This episode seems short next to the colossal Hyperdrive!  Doesn't help that half the roster is under repair either....




Warning: The following may contain scenes of violence.  Viewer discretion is advised.


"Instruments of Destruction" and the TFW intro begins to play with various shots of TFW wrestlers performing finishers and incredible maneuvers.  Shows Grimlock waving to the kiddies, then cuts to a shot of each of the champions with their titles.  Finishes on a shot of Shockwave's face, which fades away leaving only a single yellow light glowing in the middle of the screen.


Spike: “Hello TFW fans, and welcome to Monday Night Energon. We are live from Decepticon City, the site of last week’s enormous PPV, Hyperdrive. The very PPV where the TFW saw the worst act ever performed by an Autobot to this date and I’m sure for the rest of this company’s history as well.”


“Hot Rod has actually joined forces with the Decepticons. He handed the Championship belt to Shockwave by beating his fellow bot Springer half to death. What act could possibly be more despicable.”


Wheelie: “ Hey there TFW fans! This is Wheelie keepin’ it real as always!


Spike: Wheelie? What are you doing here? Where’s Frenzy?


Wheelie: He’s cowering at my pad. Said something about ‘not getting hit by flying cars tonight‘.

But stickin’ to the question, I think you’ve got Hot Rod all wrong. He’s a master tactician and I bet he and Shockwave had planned the entire course of events we have seen since TFW first aired. And besides- Frenzy told me you always had it out for Hot Rod and the Decepticons.”


Spike: “Well that’s not as important as what is going to happen here tonight. From what Ratchet and the medics have told us, several bots are out of commission tonight.

Obviously, Predaking will not longer be gracing us with his presence, but neither will the Aerialbots. They are still under repairs. Springer is still too damaged and Shockwave, Soundwave and Grimlock are taking the night off.  Hot Rod, Thundercracker and Jazz are the only bots left not critically damaged last week.


Then, Shockwave appears on the Cyber-tron. The crowd roars in disgust at the cycloptic Decepticon commander, who is safe in his HQ at the other end of DC.


“Greetings flesh creatures. With an astounding lack of wrestlers fit to compete tonight, myself included, I have been hard pressed to create tonight’s program. So, I’ll let Thundercracker take over. Goodnight!”


“Illwarth” plays and Thundercracker appears on the TFW stage. He is half cheered, half booed by the people. He begins to speak into his mic


“Well, it looks like I’M in control tonight! I have a few things to announce before we begin. I think it would be easier to defend these two tag belts in the future if I had an actual tag team partner. So without further ado, let me introduce, Hot Rod!”


“Fuel” plays and Hot Rod rolls on the stage with his shiny new paint job. He transforms before a crowd of thousands who all chant “Hot Rod Sucks” for a few moments before Thundercracker continues.


“So Hot Rod, to welcome you as an honorary Decepticon, I hereby present you with this Tag Team Championship belt!”


The fans show there contempt for the new half of the tag champs by throwing garbage at Hot Rod on the stage.


“Thank you Thundercracker for this honour. Ah…TFW gold at last. Something the Autobots will never see again. Except that scrap heap Jazz.” Hot Rod turns to Thundercracker. “I think I could use a little payback for that ladder match don’t you?”


Thundercracker: “Why, yes, yes I do. *Zzzt* Then so it shall be, and It shall be so, and it will be good, and there will be much rejoicing throughout the land. And apon that the cows shall say…”


Hot Rod bops Thundercracker in the head.


Thundercracker: “Sorry. My bad. Where were we? Oh yeah. Tonight’s event. Let’s say you and me vs Jazz in a handicap match!”


Hot Rod seems to scratch his chin and look up to the rafters as though he were in deep thought. Finally he says, “Sounds like fun to me!”


The fans boo the pair again. Both Decepticons walk down the ramp and climb into the ring.


Hot Rod: “We’re waiting Jazz. If you don’t get your yella’ fenders out here, were going to have a VERY short show tonight!”


With that, “Slip” plays and Jazz walks onto the stage with a mic. The fans roar as he lifts the mic to his vocals.


“Hot Rod! Your treacherous hide is MINE!”


Jazz transforms and speeds to the ring, changes back to robot form and slides into the ring. He attacks the black Hot Rod and the blue and yellow jet with a flurry of punches.


Bumblebee rings the bell.


Jazz pounds on his long time rival Hot Rod. He whips him to the ropes and drop kicks him. He tosses Thundercracker out of the ring and turns back to Hot Rod. Jazz suplexes and covers his foe. Thundercracker breaks Jazz’s rhythm by pulling him outside of the ring.


Thundercracker roasts Jazz with his afterburners, temporarily blinding him. Thundercracker aims with his arm cannons and fires at the Autobot. Jazz is hit in the right knee causing him to fall below the other shots. Bumblebee has no choice but to allow the use of weapons after he got blown away by Shockwave last week.


Hot Rod climbs out of the ring, picks up Jazz and rolls him back inside. Both Decepticons re enter the ring. They pull up Jazz, whip him to the ropes and hit him with a 3-D ( Decepticon Death Drop)


Both cons cover Jazz. Bumblebee makes the count.




Jazz uses his loudspeakers to blow the two cons off of him with a burst of deafening Rock ‘n Roll. Hot Rod and Thundercracker writhe in agony as they try to cover their audio receptors. Jazz continues to play his tunes as he slowly gets up and goes after Hot Rod. He whips him to the ropes and performs the Jazzbuster. Jazz goes for the cover.




Jazz is shot from behind by Thundercracker in the legs again. Jazz’s knees buckle and he rolls off of Hot Rod. Thundercracker starts kicking at the Autobot’s injured legs. Jazz has no choice but to pull out his own blaster and shoot Thundercracker from the mat. Thundercracker clutches the holes in his chest and collapses.


Spike: “This has turned into an ugly match here folks! Jazz is having to use his weapons to survive!”


Jazz can barely crawl over to the smoldering Thundercracker but he makes it and goes for the cover.


Bumblebee: “ONE!…TWO!”


Hot Rod grabs Jazz from behind and smashes his knee into the mat. The fans “oh” in disappointment.


Wheelie: “Jazz was so close to winning! That hurts a brotha, right here!” he pounds his chest.


Hot Rod quickly locks Jazz up in a figure four submission. Jazz howls in pain. Bumblebee asks if Jazz wants to give up. Jazz says an emphatic “No” and tries to reverse the hold. Slowly Jazz starts to turn Hot Rod. Hot Rod shakes his head in astonishment as now the pressure is on his legs.


Bumblebee asks Hot Rod this time. Bumblebee almost seems to be smiling as Hot Rod struggles to reach the ropes. He makes it and the ref breaks the hold. As Jazz starts to get up, Hot Rod sweeps his legs out from under him. Once again He applies the figure four. By now, Thundercracker has gotten involved again. He shuffles over to the middle of the ring and holds Jazz down. Gradually, the pressure becomes to great and an audible creaking is heard.


One of Jazz’s legs snaps off.


All three of the combatants are surprised.


Spike: ”Jazz’s leg snapped off and he still hasn’t tapped! What resilience!”


Wheelie: “Nasty. It’s over. He can’t do anything now!”


Hot Rod recovers from the shock and adapts his hold into a leg lock on the remaining leg. Eventually it too breaks off. Jazz grunts and taps out.


Bumblebee calls for the bell.


Arcee: “Here’s your winners by submission, Hot Rod and Thundercracker!”


Both bots hold up one of Jazz’s legs in triumph. They leave Jazz sparking in the ring and completely legless.


Spike: “Hey! Where are they going! They can’t keep his legs!”


Wheelie:  “They can and they have. They have crippled another Autobot! If only I were in this match…”


We cut to an angle of Jazz propping himself up on his arms and reaching towards the Cyber-tron.


Spike: ”Jazz has been vandalized! Hot Rod is sick! How can the Autobots respond to this horrible act!”


Wheelie leans over the desk towards the camera. ”By kickin’ some Decepticon rear! That’s how!”


Spike: That’s it for Transformer Wrestling tonight. This is Spike and… “


Spike looks at a grinning Wheelie who’s giving the camera a big * thumbs up *


Spike: “ uh Spike signing off. Join us next week, same bot time, same bot channel.”



Results for Monday June 25th 2001

Thundercracker and Hot Rod beat Jazz by submission