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Energon Episode 6

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Originally aired June 25th, 2001


Thank you for ordering this Pay-Per-View. Coming up next, Transformers Wrestling presents TFW: Hyperdrive


The screen fades from black to show highlights of the last month of Monday Night Energon to Instruments of Destruction.


Explosions rock the Decepticon City arena. A special set has been prepared for the first TFW Pay-Per-View. Blue lights now pulse along the sides of the stage and ramp. HYPERDRIVE roars across the Cyber-tron and the fans present cheer, holding up their signs. "Hot Rod is a Traitor", "I want Hot Rods Head in a Box" and "I want Hot Rod."


Spike: "Hello wrestling fans, and welcome to TFWs first Pay-Per-View, Hyperdrive! Tonight, all the titles will be on the line including the TFW heavyweight title for the first time ever!"


Frenzy: "And let me tell you, my boss Shockwave is going to give that nosy Springer the beating of his life! Not to mention become the first Cybertron champion of all time!"


The cameramen turn to a section of wall where Predaking and Superion crash through, already fighting.


Spike: "What? These two are STILL fighting?"


Frenzy: "They've been fighting since last Monday on Energon! This is great!"


Acree: "The following contest is for one fall and is for TFWs Hardcore Championship! Introducing the combatants, Superion and the current Champion, Predaking!"


Bumblebee calls for the bell as the two gestalts tumble into the ring. They pound on each others dented and cracked casings. Superion hauls Predaking up and hoists him into the air. Predaking falls to the mat face first. The crowd cheers.


Frenzy: "Look at the intensity of these two fighters. They hate each other! Superion is extracting some measure of revenge for Predakings attack a few weeks ago!"


Spike: "And let's not forget Superions revenge against Hot Rod too! Hot Rod played a major role in Predakings attack!"


Frenzy: "Oh Spike would you please get off Hot Rods case? He's never done anything to you!"


Spike: "But what he did to the Aerialbots was disgusting! I'd expect a sneak attack like that from a Decepticon but never from an Autobot."


Meanwhile inside the ring Predaking is back in control. He piledrives Superion into the mat and goes for the cover.


Bumblebee: "ONE!...TWO!"


Superion kicks out but is barely moving. Predaking stands up and with a grin, unsheathes his sword. He twirls it above his head and performs some fancy maneuvers before calling for his finisher, "Punishment".


Predaking climbs to the top rope and leaps into the air with his sword in position to impale Superion. The Autobot manages to summon the strength to lift his rifle and blow a hole in Predakings chest. Predaking slams into the mat missing with his sword. Superion rolls over to cover him.


Bumblebee: "ONE!...TWO!...THR"


Frenzy: "The Hardcore champion kicks out!"


Both robots are slow to get up. Predaking uses his sword to prop himself up while Superion still struggles. After stabilizing himself, Predaking takes a mighty swing and severs Superions left arm. A shower of sparks erupts from the body of Superion and Slingshot transforms back to robot mode as he hits the mat. Superion howls in pain.


Superion, with rifle still in hand, fires at Predaking again. His first shots go wild or are blocked by Predakings arms. Predaking reels as he is struck and stumbles backwards as he is hit again. He retains his balance and swings his sword at Superion lopping off his other arm, which falls to the mat. Fireflight transforms and shakes out the cobwebs in his laser core. The rest of Superion, still intact, falls forward to the mat. Clutching his wounds, Predaking kneels and covers Superion.


Slingshot and Fireflight transform into their jet modes and take off.


Bumblebee: "ONE!...TWO!...THR"


The two severed Aerialbots shoot a pair of missiles into Predakings back, breaking the count. Slingshot and Fireflight help the sparking and leaking Superion up to his feet. They help him to climb the ropes where he jumps and splashes Predaking, going for the pin.




SPIKE: "I don't believe it! Predaking kicked out again!"


Frenzy: "Of course he did! Hes a Decepticon! We always kick out!"


Both gestalts rise to their feet. Predaking levels his blaster at Superion. Superion appears to be helpless against Predakings weapons!


"You have nearly fought well. Now I shall finish what I began at the first airing of MNE! Prepare to die, Autobots!", Predaking says with a damaged grin.


Suddenly, Fireflight and Slingshot swoop in for another pass. Their missiles home in on Predakings head. The first blows a hole in the side of his face. The second enters the hole and detonates inside. Predaking grabs his head as it violently explodes. Sparks and fragments fly through the air. Predakings hands fall to his sides and he slowly slumps over. Gradually his knees start to buckle until he falls on them, eventually collapsing in a heap in front of Superion.


Arcee: "Here's your winner by fatality, and NEW hardcore champion, SUPERION!"


The crowd, who had been in awed silence for the duration of the colossal struggle, erupts. Superion disassembles and the Aerialbots triumphantly raise the belt above their heads.




Spike: "What a great way to start TFWs first Pay-per-view extravaganza! A Decepticon fatality and the first death in TFW history!"


Ratchet and a number of others, attempt to remove Predakings broken chassis and sweep up the remains of his shattered head. As they work, a Titanium cage is lowered onto the ring.


Arcee: "The following contest is a Titanium Cage Match for the Tag Team Championships! The only way to win the match is to escape the cage through the top and land with both feet on the ground."


Frenzy: "Good, no escaping through the door crap here in TFW. I mean, who WOULDN'T go for the door if its right there. I mean come ON people! THIS is how you have a cage match!"


Spike: "For once we agree on something Frenzy."


"Illwarth" plays and Thundercracker flies into the cage. The crowd boos the Decepticon.


"Raise a Little Hell" plays and Grimlock enters the arena. He gives the tag belts to the ref and climbs the cage, squaring off against Thundercracker. Bumblebee calls for the bell from the outside where he can call the escape of either wrestler.




Thundercracker sneers at the Dinobot. He waves good-bye as he simply flies up and over the cage, landing with both feet on the outside. The crowd is silent. Bumblebee shrugs and rings the bell, after which, he hands Thundercracker the Tag Team belts.


Arcee: "Uhh...heres your winner and NEW Tag Team Champion, Thundercracker!"


Grimlock scratches his head as he tries to process what just happened. He holds up his mic: "ME LOSE?"


Thundercracker gets a mic too. "Of course you lose you stupid Autobot. I knew I could sucker you into putting your Tag belts on the line against me in a cage match. How could I possibly lose! I AM A JET! I CAN FLY!"


The crowd boos Thundercracker who hold the belts over his head to taunt them. Grimlock is infuriated!


Thundercracker continues: "Shockwave will be pleased! A victory for the Decepticons and utter humiliation for the Autobots! So long loser *zzzt* Gerbils like Autobots because they tail pipes, Your Welcome! Aerial bots like to take the train to Cybertron."


Spike: "Looks like hes still suffering from that Head Chomp he got a few weeks ago!"


Thundercracker turns to leave. Grimlock tries to climb the cage to go after the new Tag Champ but doesnt have the dexterity to do it. He transforms and bites his way through the cage and runs after Thundercracker, who has disappeared into the back


Frenzy: "Thundercracker is a genius! Who would have thought the fan favorite Grimlock was so dumb? I mean, we all knew he was kind of slow, but this takes the cake."


Spike: "I think Grimlock is going to be looking for revenge, come the next MNE. I really hope he gets it too!"


Frenzy: "Hey, hey, Thundercracker shouldn't be punished for being smart. He deserved those belts!"


Spike: "No he didn't!"


Frenzy: "Hmm. Never thought of it that way..."


Arcee: "The following match is a Ladder Match for the Interplanetary Championship! The belts shall be suspended from the ceiling and the only way to retrieve them is to climb the ladder and get them! Introducing first, the challenger, Hot Rod!"


The fans boo as "Fuel" plays and Hot Rod emerges from the back. He yells at the fans and taunts them on his way to the ring. He grabs a mic. The "HOT ROD SUCKS" chant starts up, drowning out the Autobot in the ring.


"Slip" throws the fans into a roar for the IP champion as he runs down the ramp. Jazz, complete with his IP title, slides into the ring and nails Hot Rod with the belt. Bumblebee calls for the bell and the match is officially underway. He climbs the ladder in the ring, places the belt on a hook and puts the ladder outside the ring.


Meanwhile, Hot Rod is lying flat on his back after the belt shot. Jazz proceeds to put the boots to Hot Rod. Jazz grabs the ropes and stomps Hot Rod in the corner for a full minute. The fans are on their feet! Jazz picks up Hot Rod and clotheslines him over the ropes to the outside. Hot Rod gets up and starts walking away up the ramp.


Spike: "Whats this? Hot Rod the "true" IP champion doesnt want "his" belt back from Jazz? I thought he was made of sterner stuff."


Jazz slides out of the ring as Hot Rod reaches the top of the stage. Hot Rod turns and faces Jazz, who stops. They both survey the crowd for a moment and lock gazes on each other.


Frenzy: "Uh oh..."


Hot Rod makes a "come on" gesture and transforms to car mode, revving his engine. Jazz raises an optic brow and transforms to his car mode, revving his engine too. Hot Rod and Jazz rev progressively louder and louder facing off at either end of the ramp.


Spike: "No...they're not going to do what I think they're doing!"


Hot Rod squeals his tires and fishtails at the top of the stage. Jazz peels out and both cars speed towards each other, playing a game of chicken on the ramp. Smoke from their tires bellow in the wake of the dueling cars. They are moments from colliding!


Frenzy: "Go Hot Rod! Show Jazz who the true IP champ should be!"


Spike: "My God, are they crazy!?!"


Neither car appears to show a sign of giving up their deadly game. Finally, they collide.


The horrible sound of metal crushing metal echoes throughout the DC arena. Hot Rod ricochets off of Jazz and flies over the ring.


Spike: "OH SHIT!"


Spike and Frenzy dive out of the way as Hot Rod crashes through the announcers table. Meanwhile, Jazz has flipped through the air and crashed onto the concrete floor beside the stage. Smoke pours from both robots and neither moves for a few minutes while Ratchet and First Aid check out both wrestlers. Spike and Frenzy regain their headsets.


"Frenzy are we still on?"


Frenzy: "We're still here folks but I cant say for certain if either Hot Rod or Jazz are still functional! We may have more casualties here at Hyperdrive!"


Spike: "Can you believe they actually did that!?! We could feel the impact of the collision here at the other end of the arena! How can Bumblebee possibly allow the match to continue?"


Camera crews have crowded around Jazz and Hot Rod. Suddenly, Jazz transforms and sprawls out on the floor. Ratchet and his crew begin to examine Jazz who has survived the impact. At the other side of the arena, First Aid and his medics are forcing Hot Rod back into robot mode. Finally he finishes transforming and the crew begins to work on him. Hot Rod throws off the medics and stumbles to his feet. The medics are trying to keep Hot Rod from getting back into the ring but he pulls out his blaster, forcing the others to back off.


Spike: "Well it looks like Hot Rod has survived too. Oh, no...he's going for the ladder!"


Hot Rod lurches over to the ladder at the foot of the ramp. For a moment he moves towards Jazz as if to help. Then he stops and seems to chuckle to himself. When he turns his back and grabs the ladder the crowd unleashes a thunderous chorus of booing.


Frenzy: "What? Hes just doing what Springer did to him last week. Ah, the irony!"


Hot Rod slides the ladder into the ring and takes a few moments to set the ladder up. He climbs the ladder slowly but steadily, nearly falling a few times due to his condition. With each step Hot Rod takes up the ladder, the crowd grows louder and louder in it's hatred for Hot Rod.




He finally reaches the top of the ladder and reaches for the belt.


Frenzy: Come on Hot Rod! Youve got it won!


Suddenly, Jazz slides into the ring and pulls at Hot Rods leg. Hot Rod nearly falls off the ladder but catches himself.


Spike: "Jazz is up! Jazz isn't finished yet!"


Jazz climbs up the ladder, punching Hot Rod in the back. He stands at the top over a weary Hot Rod. Jazz takes a quick glance to the crowd who cheers him on. Jazz jumps, locking his legs around Hot Rods head, swinging downwards and executes a massive Hurricanranna from the top of the ladder!


Spike and Frenzy: "Oh my...that was incredible!"


The crowd is on its feet again jumping, screaming and chanting:




Hot Rod appears to be out cold. Jazz sits up and shakes his head. He starts to climb the ladder. Rung by rung, the fans root him on. Just before he reaches the top, Hot Rod stirs! He crawls over to and up the ladder. Jazz is reaching for the belt! Its just inches from his fingers! Hot Rod flails at Jazz's feet.


Jazz grabs the belt off the hook and falls to the mat! Hot Rod collapses on the top of the ladder. Bumblebee calls for the bell.


Arcee: "Here's your winner and STILL Interplanetary Champion, Jazz!"


Cheering and whistling erupt from the stands. Jazz holds the belt triumphantly over his head and heads up the ramp. Hot Rod reaches for a mic but passes out before he can fire off any insults. Ratchet and his team carries Hot Rod out on a stretcher.


On the Cyber-tron we see Jazz getting a congratulatory hug from Springer whom is on his way to the ring for his match coming up next. The fans cheer.


Arcee: "The following match is for one fall and is for the TFW CYBERTRON HEAVYWIEGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!"


The fans roar as tire tracks flash across the Cyber-tron and "Rollin' " plays.


"Introducing first, the Autobot, Springer!"


Springer appears on the stage and walks to the ring with a purpose. The fans roar for the apparent Autobot leader.


Springer takes a mic. "Ladies and gentlemen, how about that ladder match! Lets hear it for JAZZ!"


More cheering from the stands. Springer continues, "And now to the main topic for this evening. As you all know Shockwave has appointed himself and I in this match tonight for the TFW Title. "


The fans boo the mention of the Decepticon.


"As it has become obvious over the last few weeks, I believe Shockwave has been manipulating Hot Rod and the situation here in TFW to aid the Decepticons. And by the way Hot Rod, you have yet to prove my accusation wrong. But whether Shockwave wants to reward or punish me for this discovery with this match is unknown. But I can say this. Shockwave...get your sorry treacherous carcass out here so I can beat it!"


The crowd clearly agrees with Springers speech and starts chanting his name. The chanting is cut off as the lights in the Decepticon City arena fall. The pulsating lights on the ramp move eerily in the darkness.


"Evil Mastermind" plays and Shockwave emerges from the backstage area into the hue of flashing purple, blue and green theatric lights. He climbs the stairs and steps over the ropes into the ring. Shockwave has a mic of his own and speaks as the music cuts and the lights return to normal.


"Springer...does it really matter if I favor my OWN side in TFW? We ARE at war, if youll recall. And as for your question, I intend to punish you for revealing my plots to defeat the Autobots and reward myself with the TFW Title."


Springer: "You'll take the title over my dead body Shockwave!"


Shockwave: "As the president and CEO of Transformers Wrestling, I could arrange that. I would enjoy that very much, but I'd enjoy making you and you Autobot comrades suffer even more."


Both bots are standing face to face in the ring. The crowd is so worked up theyre out of control. Several security drones are dispatched to beat and remove the worst offenders.


"I calculate a 94.75% chance of total victory against you tonight. It would be logical for you to surrender this match before I..."


"Logic this!"


With that Springer decks Shockwave, sending him reeling backwards. Springer follows up with a few more rights and lefts. Bumblebee calls for the bell.


Frenzy: "Wow, that was a pair of intense orations. I bet the match will be just as intense as those speeches!"


Spike:" And here we go with the historical first TFW Title match at out first PPV, Hyperdrive! "


Shockwave blocks another punch and throws Springer over his shoulder with an arm-drag takedown. He takes a shot at Springer with his arm cannon, but Springer dodges and tackles Shockwave. The crowd roars. Both bots roll on the mat. Springer tries to put Shockwave in the Rebel Rack, but the Decepticon reverses it into a DDT. Shockwave pulls the stunned Springer to his feet and whips him onto the ropes. On his return, Springer is flattened by a big boot to the face.


Shockwave locks Springers upper torso in the DDL (Decepticon Deathlock)


Spike: "Springer is in trouble! Go for the ropes!"


Springer struggles but manages to drag Shockwave to the bottom rope. Bumblebee counts to five and breaks the hold. Shockwave throws Springers head down and stands over him. Springer gets up, and Shockwave grabs him by the neck, hoists him into the air and chokeslams him into the middle of the ring. He raises his arms to the crowd, which boos and hisses at the owner of TFW. Shockwave then climbs the turnbuckle and calls for his finisher, "Cold Hard Logic."


Shockwave leaps into the air, transforming into his gun mode and fires at Springer. The Autobot is able to avoid the shot by rolling out of the way. Shockwave transforms and lands on his feet. Springer runs at and clotheslines Shockwave as he lands, sending him to the mat. Springer kneels and puts a headlock on Shockwave. The Decepticon flails but lands a few hits on Springers head. Still, Springer hangs on and even tightens the hold. Shockwave fires a few shots with his arm cannon to get Springer off of him. One shot grazes his face, another hits him in the chest, knocking him back.


Bumblebee: "Hey Shockwave! Cut it out with those shots or it's a disqualification for you!"


Shockwave: "Insolent Autobot! I may do as I please in my own ring!"


Bumblebee: "You gave me the authority when TFW was formed to...AHHHH!"


Shockwave blows Bumblebee away. Springer unleashes his helicopter blades and attacks Shockwave from behind. The rotor blades slice into their targets back. Shockwave howls and lashes out, knocking Springer back. Shockwave fixed his single yellow eye on Springer as he levels his arm cannon


"Goodbye Autobot!" Shockwave shouts as he unleashes a barrage of deadly energy bolts. Springer blocks a few shots but is hit again and again until he finally falls. Shockwave goes for the cover. The crowd boos.

Shockwave looks up when he realizes no count is being made. Bumblebee is lying on the outside with a smoking hole in his chest. Shockwave sees this and waves towards the back. He waves for a few more seconds before non other than Soundwave in a referee shirt comes running down the ramp. The crowd can tell a screw job when they see one and boos furiously.


Soundwave slides into the ring and makes a fast count.


Soundwave: "ONETWOTHR.."


Springer gets a shoulder up!


Spike: "My God, Springer is still in this one! Its two on one but hes not done yet!"


Frenzy : "What do you mean two on one? Soundwave is acting completely unbiased and impartial!"


Springer struggles to his knees and transforms in to helicopter mode. He spins those rotor blades again, slicing both Decepticons in the chest area. Shockwave and Soundwave stagger backwards, leaking fuel from their wounds.


Spike: "The Decepticons are busted open!"


Springer attacks both Decepticons with lefts and rights. Springer bulldogs Shockwave and puts Soundwave in the Rebel Rack. Soundwave writhes in pain. The fans love it!


Shockwave recovers and gives Springer a low blow from behind. Soundwave falls on top of Springer who falls to his knees.


Spike: "This is sick! Even Springer can't fight two Decepticons at once! Is there any undamaged Autobot who can turn the tide in this debacle?"


As if to answer Spikes call, who runs down the ramp but Hot Rod with a chair! Hot Rod slides into the ring with the weapon, and Soundwave and Shockwave slide to the outside!


Frenzy: "There! Hot Rod just saved Springer from the Decepticons! Springer, you have been proved wrong!"


Spike: "It seems that oil does run thicker than Gold here in TFW!"


Frenzy: "Spike that almost made sense."


Spike: "Shut up Frenzy. Dont ruin the moment. "


The fans cheer Hot Rod as he smacks the chair on the mat as if to dare the two Decepticons to enter the ring. Springer is starting to stir. The Decepticons are just standing at ringside. They're seemingly watching for something...


Springer gets to his knees and looks up. He sees Hot Rod with the chair in the ring. A look of grief takes over Springers face.


Hot Rod winds up and smashes the chair into Springers face.


There is a collective "ooh" from the crowd.


Springers battered form falls to the mat. Hot Rod smashes the chair into Springers head again and again.




The arena shakes with the sheer volume of the booing from the crowd. Garbage and debris is thrown into the ring. The security drones are dispatched for a second time to control the crowd.


Hot Rod throws down the chair and climbs the to top turnbuckle. He flips off the crowd, transforms and delivers a "Freefall" to the helpless Springer.


Now Shockwave and Soundwave slide back into the ring. Shockwave goes for the cover.  Soundwave makes the count. Hot Rod jumps and counts with the Decepticon fans.




Soundwave calls for the bell. Both Soundwave and Hot Rod raise Shockwaves arms in victory.




Hot Rod grabs a mic after the crowd settles down a bit. He stands over Springer, who can barely lift his leaking face to see Hot Rod.


"Now you know for sure Springer. But your knowing still didn't save you, and it sure as slag wont save the Autobots!"


His words echo as the Pay-Per-View fades to black. Just before the broadcast is completed, we here Spike, hoarse from shouting yell one final line,




Results for HYPERDRIVE June 24th 2001

Superion beat Predaking for the Hardcore Championship by fatality

Thundercracker beat Grimlock in the Cage Match by escape to win the Tag Titles

Jazz beat Hot Rod in the Ladder Match to retain the IP title

Shockwave beat Springer for the TFW Championship by pinfall