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Originally aired June 4th, 2001


Three matches- Jazz vs Soundwave and Hot Rod vs Thundercracker in Round 2 of the IP Title Tournament and Springer vs Silverbolt vs Grimlock for the Hardcore title.

In this episode of Energon we see the result of the continuing fued between Hot Rod and the other Autobots on the Role Play board while the owner of TFW meddling in matches for a second night in a row. The Aerialbot mystery continues and a new bot makes his thunderous debut. All this and more in the second episode of TFW, Energon.

Last time on Energon:


Highlights of last weeks Energon flash on the screen covered by audio of the announcers. Shockwave appears and announces a change in the first match. Cuts to Soundwave landing the Iacon Driver on Grimlock and the successful three-count. Shows Hot Rod and Silverbolt exchange verbal blows to each other. Cuts to Jazz hitting Springer with a Hurracanrana and pinning him. The screen shows Silverbolt walking into the locker room and finding his fellow Aerialbots in a smoking heap, and attacking Hot Rod in the ring. We see Hot Rod squirm out of the Supersonic Drop and his victory. At the end of the flashbacks, one question is asked:

Did Hot Rod take out his fellow Autobots?


Pyros explode across the TFW stage. The crowd erupts in excitement, ready for a new night of Transformer Wrestling action.


Spike: Welcome fans, to Transformer Wrestling! Tonights show will feature the second round of the Inter Planetary title tournament. Tonights winners will advance to the IP Finals next week!


Frenzy: And later our main event will feature a massive battle for the vacant TFW Hardcore title! I think well see oil flow in that match!


Evil Mastermind hits the arena and Shockwave emerges from the back. The Decepticon steps over the top rope into the ring with his mic.

Greetings flesh-creatures of Earth. I come bearing news of great importance. The very first TFW Pay-Per-View, Hyperdrive, is booked for Sunday, June 24. Every bot in this fed has just these three weeks to prove themselves worthy of becoming TFW Champion. I shall appoint the combatants at a later date, but for tonight, we crown our first Hardcore champ.

Who shall compete for the first title to be won in TFW? Why, none other than Silverbolt, Springer and Grimlock! The crowd cheers for the three bots named. Hmmm.all the challengers are Autobots. I shall see what I can do about that. Anyway, enjoy the show flesh-creatures!

Shockwaves music plays and he exits the ring.


Frenzy: Wow! A triple threat Hardcore title match. No rules! I love it

Spike: But what does he mean hell do something about the lack of Decepticons in the match?

Frenzy: What? Oh, uhnothing. Never mind him.


Eject plays and Soundwave appears at the top of the ramp and proceeds to the ring. The crowd boos the Decepticon


Slip heralds the arrival of Jazz. He grooves to the tunes, dancing down the ramp and hops into the ring.


Soundwave unleashes a blast of ultrasound, knocking Jazz to the mat. Bumblebee calls for the bell and the match officially begins. Soundwave does a running baseball slide right into Jazzs head. He picks up Jazz and delivers a thunderous suplex.


Frenzy: Soundwave is really taking it to Jazz here! He definitely wants that IP belt!


Soundwave hauls Jazz up again, this time punching him in the face. Jazz reels but blocks a second blow. Jazz lands a right hand of his own. He punches Soundwave back into the ropes. Jazz whips Soundwave to the other side of the ring and on the return, scores with the Jazzbuster.


Spike: What impact! The Jazzbuster has decimated Soundwave who looked to be in control up to this point! Jazz is going for the cover!


The crowd chants with Bumblebees count.

Bumblebee: ONE!..TWO!.THREE!


The crowd roars! Jazz rolls over, holding his dented head and raising an arm in victory.


Arcee: Heres your winner and IP championship finalist, Jazz!


Frenzy: I dont believe it! Jazz cant have beaten Soundwave! He must have cheated!

Spike: Jazz didnt cheat and you know it. He must have been playing possum and waited until he could catch Soundwave off guard!

Frenzy: Bleh.

Spike: Well, next up is our other IP tournament match up between Hot Rod and Thundercracker. You gotta wonder Frenzy, did Hot Rod take out the Aerialbots, or has he been framed?

Frenzy: Honestly Spike I dont know why youre making such a big deal about this little dead Aerialbot thing. Theyre just Autobots. Who cares who killed them as long as theyre dead.

Spike: Now were not certain about the condition of the four Aerialbots who were trashed pretty badly last Monday night. Maybe Silverbolt can let us in on his teams condition.


The crowd sees Silverbolt being interviewed by Arcee on the Cyber-tron.

Arcee: Well Silverbolt, the question that the fans undoubtedly want to ask is What is the condition of the other four Aerialbots?

Silverbolt is seen sitting in an armchair somewhere back stage: Arcee, whoever slagged my team last week did a pretty good job. But they didnt finish it before I arrived on the scene. Skydive, Air Raid, Fire Flight and Slingshot are all listed in serious but stable condition.

The crowd cheers to learn the Aerialbots would recover. Silverbolt continues;


Unfortunately, they shall be out for a number of weeks while Ratchet repairs them. They have been extensively damaged. Hot Rod, rest assured our revenge will come with time!


Arcee: Best of luck in your match tonight Silverbolt and a speedy recovery to your team.

Thanks Arcee.


Fuel plays sending the crowd into a fit of booing. Hot Rod speeds down the ramp, transforms and hops into the ring. He grabs a mic.

Shut up! Show some respect for your future IP champ! The crowd jeers and throws garbage at Hot Rod. I did not attack the Aerialbots! I wouldnt have minded kicking their mufflers all over this ring but somebody beat me to it!


Frenzy: Yeah right Hot Rod. Youd stick a shard of raw energon in your leaders back if you could. Oh wait. YOU DID! Ha ha ha ha ha !


You shut up Frenzy or your gonna be eating that headset! Hot Rod shakes a fist at the cassette announcer.


Illwarth plays and Thundercracker flies into the ring and transforms to robot mode. The crowd actually cheers for the Decepticon, they hate Hot Rod so much.


Frenzy: Hey Hot Blob! Thundercracker is gonna turn you to scrap! I guarantee it!


Bumblebee calls for the bell and the match begins. Thundercracker begins to pummel Hot Rod with his fists. Hot Rod blocks a few shots and lands some of his own. Thundercracker turns around and blasts his rocket boosters right into Hot Rods face. The Autobot stumbles backwards and falls to the mat. Thundercracker goes for the cover.


Bumblebee: ONE!.TW.


Hot Rod kicks out. Thundercracker picks up his charred body and DDTs Hot Rod to the mat. The crowd is cheering as Thundercracker climbs to the top far turnbuckle. He leaps into the air in a high arcing moonsault. Hot Rod rolls out of the way just in time to avoid the move. Thundercracker lands face first on the mat with a crunch. Both robots are slow to get to their feet. Thundercracker grabs Hot Rod around the neck in a Kamikaze chokehold. This time it is Hot Rod who uses his afterburners to scorch Thundercrackers face. He drops Hot Rod and covers his damaged optics. Hot Rod rolls up his foe.


Bumblebee: ONE!.TWO!.TH.


Frenzy: Thundercracker kicks out! the crowd cheers.


Hot Rod slams his fists to the mat in frustration. Both bots get up. Thundercracker tries to dropkick Hot Rod in the head but Hot Rod grabs his foot in the air. Thundercracker tries an enzigury, but Hot Rod catches that foot too. The seeker falls to the mat while Hot Rod turns his hold on Thundercrackers feet into a Texas Cloverleaf. Thundercracker taps out immediately. The fans boo after Bumblebee calls for the bell.


Arcee: Heres your winner by submission, Hot Rod!


Spike: And another Autobot has advanced to the finals of the IP tournament! The Decepticons have been defeated, at least in this category!  There will be an Autobot IP Champion!.


Frenzy: .


Spike: While Frenzy gathers himself, lets move on to tonights main event: the Hardcore Title match!


Arcee: The following match is a four-way elimination match for the Hardcore Championship! Introducing first, the Dinobot Grimlock!


Spike: Hey wait. Did she say four-way? Theres only three Autobots in this match!




Raise a Little Hell plays and Grimlock appears. He waves to the kiddies as he climbs into the ring. The kids just love his dinosaur mode.


Arcee: And his opponent, the Aerialbot Silverbolt!


Dare plays and Silverbolt flies into the ring, transforming to his robot form. He and Grimlock waste no time waiting for the others to arrive before they begin to fight. Silverbolt lands a few punches before Grimlock sweeps him off his feet with his tail.


Arcee: And their opponent, Springer!


Tire tracks appear on the Cyber-tron and Rollin plays. Springer appears, flying down the ramp in chopper mode. He strafes the other Autobots with machine gun fire before transforming and landing in the ring and clotheslining both Grimlock and Silverbolt to the mat. Springer goes for a double cover.


Bumblebee: ONE!.


Both the other Autobots kick out. Silverbolt grabs a chair and nails both Grimlock and Springer in the head.


Spike: Remember, in Hardcore matches, there are no rules. Weapons are allowed! It looks like Silverbolt is trying to eliminate as many opponents as he can before the last combatant enters the match.


Arcee: And the fourth entrant into the four way match.


The lights fall and Welcome to the Jungle plays. A massive robot is silhouetted against his video on the Cyber-tron. He runs into the ring. The lights come back up and the crowd gasps.




Frenzy: Whoa! This is what Shockwave does to ensure the Decepticons get a chance at Hardcore gold?!! Im really starting to like that bot!


Spike: .


The three Autobots notice Predaking just in time to be swatted aside by the gestalts huge arms. Predaking blasts away with his laser rifle. He covers Silverbolt.


Bumblebee: ONE! TWO! THREE!


Predaking covers Springer.


Bumblebee: ONE! TWO! THREE!


Predaking covers Grimlock.


Bumblebee: ONE! TWO! THR

Grimlock kicks out! The fans roar as Grimlock gets to his feet. Predaking looks surprised Grimlock was able to resist his attacks. Grimlock takes advantage of Predakings hesitation and blasts him in the face with his fire breath. Predaking roars and covers his face.




Grimlock sweeps Predakings leg out, toppling the giant. He goes for the cover.


Bumblebee: ONE! TWO!


Predaking sits up causing Grimlock to fall off his chest.




Predaking bashes the Dinobot with the chair lying in the ring and splashes him after he falls to the mat. Predaking hooks a leg and covers Grimlock.


Bumblebee: ONE! TWO! THREE!


Arcee: Heres your winner and new Hardcore champion, Predaking!


Frenzy: Amazing! Despite being outnumbered three to one, Predaking manages to become the first title holder in TFW! The Decepticons have taken the Hardcore division! Things are just heating up here in TFW, wouldnt you agree Spike?


Spike: .


Frenzy: Yes your precious Autobots have lost. Well, thats all for this broadcast of TFW. On behalf of my stunned partner goodnight! Well see you here next week, same bot time, same bot channel! This is Spike and Frenzy, signing off.


Results for June 4 2001


Jazz beat Soundwave by pinfall to advance to IP Finals

Hot Rod beat Thundercracker by submission to advance to IP Finals

Predaking beat Silverbolt, Springer and Grimlock by pinfall to win the Hardcore belt