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Three matches- Springer vs Soundwave, TFW's first Tag Team Championship match and The Final Round of the Inter Planetary Championship Tournament. Edit


In this episode of Energon we see the plot thicken. Ohh I can't wait!


....."And that's all for tonight on Sportsdesk. Coming up next on TSN, a solid hour of wrrrrrastlin', TFW Transformers Wrestling is coming up next."


Screen goes black displaying the following: WARNING: The following contains adult content and may not be suitable for younger viewers. Viewer discretion is advised


"Instruments of Destruction" plays and the TFW intro begins. We see various clips of Transformers executing their finishers and victory poses. Jazz is seen moon walking down the ramp. The music climaxes with Grimlock waving to the kiddies. The screen fades showing one bots singular glowing eye. TFW splashes across the Cyber-tron.


Last week on Energon: " Here we go, second round of the IP title tournament. Jazz vs. Soundwave. We see Soundwave pummeling Jazz. "Oh no! Jazzbuster! ONE!.....TWO!......THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jazz is in the finals!


Cuts to Thundercracker vs. Hot Rod. Thundercracker goes to dropkick Hot Rod. "Hot Rod grabs his leg! Enzigury! Texas cloverleaf! Tap! Tap! Tap! He does! Hot Rod wins!


Cuts to the Hardcore match. Grimlock, Silverbolt and Springer are seen fighting in the ring. "Welcome to the Jungle" plays and Predaking runs down the ramp! Predaking shoots up the Autobots. He covers Silverbolt, Springer and Grimlock for the THREE!!!!!!!! "Predaking is the new Hardcore champion!!!!!


Mad pyrotechnics blast across the TFW stage. The fans roar. They start to chant, "Jazz! Jazz! Jazz!"


Frenzy: "What? Jazz? Let's talk about Predaking! New hardcore champion beats three count 'em THREE Autobots! Amazing!" What do you think Spike?"


Spike: "....."


Frenzy : "Seriously Spike, get a grip. Be more professional!"


Spike :"Well we have an all AUTOBOT Inter- Planetary title bout tonight and more!"


"Evil Mastermind" plays as the lights fall in the DC arena. Shockwave appears. The crowd boos the Decepticon. The cameras pan the audience. A sign being held up says, 'Shockwave screwed the Autobots" and beside that one, "Soundwave is my dad."


Shockwave takes a microphone. "Silence flesh-creatures!" The crowd boos louder. "I admit. I may have been....slightly unfair last Monday by allowing Predaking to participate in -and win by the way- the Hardcore title match." The crowd agrees.


 "So I'm going to make it up to you Autobot fans. Tonight, we shall have a little tag team match....with the Tag titles to be decided in it. The Predacons Headstrong and Razorclaw will fight Grimlock;" The crowd erupts for the Dinobot.


"And his tag team partner shall be another bot shafted out of a title last week...THUNDERCRACKER!"


Spike: "WHAT THE HELL! He lost fair and square! Autobots never team with Decepticons."


Frenzy :" Sounds good to me. Kudos to our fair president for making this just and fair decision."


The crowd erupts into booing as Shockwave leaves the arena.


-Cuts to a commercial for Hot Rod in a box-


Spike: "Welcome back to Monday Night Energon."


Frenzy: "Hot Rod in a box? I'm going to order mine today! Spike, you want one?"


Spike: "Uh...., no thanks. But here we go with our first match."


"Eject" plays and Soundwave appears on the stage under the Cyber-tron. He walks to the ring with Laserbeak on his shoulder. Laser beak stays perched at ringside.


Tire tracks flash across the big screen and "Rollin' " plays.


Spike: "Here comes Springer. You gotta know he's done a lot of thinking these past weeks."


Frenzy: "Yeah! A lot of thinking about his losses that is! He's 0 and 2 so far!"


Spike " Maybe he can change that here tonight!"


Bumblebee calls for he bell and the match begins. Soundwave stomps Springer as he enters under the ropes.  After a couple of kicks he pulls the Autobot into the ring.  Soundwave scoops up Springer with ease and slams him down to the mat.


Frenzy "Looks like Springer's on the right track to the winner's circle. Ha!"


Springer climbs back to his feet only to be laid back out by a massive clothesline.  Soundwave throws Springer into the corner.  He charges at Springer who sticks a boot out nailing him in the face.  The Autobot explodes from the corner with a clothesline of his own.  He picks Soundwave up and drives him to the mat with a devastating pile driver.


Spike: "Springer turns the tide.  I can't believe it!!!!"


Frenzy: "Soundwave's just taking a breather."


Laserbeak takes the cue from Soundwave and begins pestering Bumblebee.


"Get outta here you tin-foiled turkey!" Bumblebee says.


Springer puts Soundwave in the "Rebel Rack".  Soundwave hollers out,


"Rumble....Eject..... operation...... interference!!"


Rumble flies out of Soundwave's chest compartment and transforms. Springer hits the "Retribution" and then goes for the cover.


 Laserbeak continues to distract Bumblebee as Rumble makes his move.  Rumble jumps on Springer's back and begins using his piledrivers on his spine.  Springer rolls off in pain as Rumble places Soundwave  on top of him.  Laserbeak "conveniently" flies away, while Rumble slides out of the ring.  Bumblebee turns to see the cover.




Spike: "What!  That was so unfair.  It was three on one!"


Frenzy: "Life is unfair Spike.  You'll learn that when you're older."


Arcee: "And here is your winner. Soundwave!"  The crowd boos.....a lot!


Soundwave leans on Rumble as he hobbles up the ramp. He turns to the ring to raise his arm but loses his balance, toppling onto poor Rumble.  The crowd laughs and applauds.


Spike: "Let's see if we can get that bad taste out of our mouth with the Tag Team Title match"


Frenzy: "And either way another title for the Decepticons.  I love it! Shockwave's a genius."


Spike: "Sure Frenzy, What-ever!"


"Welcome to the Jungle", plays over Arcees introduction.


"The following contest is for one fall with no time limit, and is for the TFW Tag Team championships.  Introducing first, the team of Razorclaw and Headstrong., the Predacons!"  The crowd voices their disapproval.  The Predacons respond by sneering and growling at the crowd.


"Raise a Little Hell" plays over the loud speakers "And their opponents, the team of Thundercracker and Grimlock, the...uh...other team!" 


The crowd really doesn't know what to do.  Thundercracker and Grimlock appear at the top of the stage.  Grimlock waves to the kiddies while Thundercracker pouts about coming in to Grimlocks music.


Frenzy: "Last week Thundercracker was a fan favorite.  This week, nothing!  What's wrong with you people?"


Spike: "He was wrestling Hot Rod.  No one likes Hot Rod.  Not even you!"


Frenzy: "What?  I love Hot Rod.  He's a great guy."


Spike: "Sure. What-ever!"


Frenzy: "Stop saying that."


Bumblebee calls for the bell and the match is under way.  Headstrong and Grimlock start the match off.  They lock up.  Grimlock hurls Headstrong into the corner.  They lock up again.  Grimlock again tosses Headstrong into the opposite turnbckle.


 He proceeds to flex for the crowd, which erupts into a cheering frenzy.  Grimlock charges at the Predacon who spears the Dinobot.  Headstrong kneels down and clamps on a headlock.  Grimlock fights to his feet and picks up the Decepticon and powers him into the mat.  A chant rises up, "Grimlock!, Grimlock!"


Headstrong makes it to his corner and makes the tag.  Grimlock also makes it to his corner, looking for a tag.  He spies Thundercracker on the outside chatting with a fan.  Grimlock does not appear to be amused. Razorclaw runs into the ring and drops an elbow on the back of the lone Autobot.  Razorclaw rolls Grimlock up




Grimlock kicks out and gets back to his feet.  Razorclaw rolls to his feet and charges at Grimlock who grabs him and does a belly to belly suplex.  Grimlock stands triumphant as the Predacon leader makes the tag. 


Grimlock sneers at Thundercracker who is back on the apron.  Thundercracker can be heard shouting, "What!?"  Grimlock turns around to receive a bulldog from Headstrong.  Headstrong picks up the Autobot.  Thundercracker calls Bumblebee over, so Razorclaw can enter the ring.  Headstrong tosses Grimlock against the ropes.  Together the Predacons perform the 3-D.


Frenzy: "Decepticon Death Drop!! Decepticon Death Drop!! It's over.  In your face Spike!"


Razorclaw rolls out of the ring.  Thundercracker looks and points to Headstrong who is making the cover.  Bumblebee turns and slides to make the count.




Spike: "Grimlock kicks out!  Grimlock kicks out!  Even with the help of his "partner", the Predacons still can't put Grimlock away."


Thundercracker again calls for the referee.  This time the fans explode as Silverbolt flies down the ramp.


Frenzy: "Cheater.  Can't they even fight one match fairly?"


Silverbolt pulls Thundercracker off the apron and lays him out with a mighty left hook.  Razorclaw sees this and slides out to help his fallen comrade.  He and Silverbolt begin exchanging lefts and rights.  Bumblebee is trying to regain control of the match.


 Headstrong and Grimlock both get back to their feet.  Grimlock takes out his blaster and smashes it across the face of Headstrong.  Headstrong's head spins exorcist style while the Dinobot transforms into T-Rex mode.  He performs the Head Chomp on Heaadstrong and spits the head at Bumblebee.  Bumblebee turns to see the cover.


"ONE!.....TWO!.....THREE!"  Bumblebee calls for the bell as Arcee takes a mic.


"Here is your winner, ......Grimlock!?"


Thundercracker jumps into the ring and grabs a belt from Bumblebee.  He turns to Grimlock who in turn bites his head off and spits it into the crowd.  Grimlock grabs both belts and raises them to the crowd.  The fans roar their approval.  Silverbolt and Grimlock leave the Decepticons broken in their wake.


Spike: "Guess he expelled Thundercracker from the team."


Frenzy: "He can't! What the heck just happened?  Baaaaah!"


Cuts to commercial. Announcer: "When life in the fast lane isn't fast enough. sometimes you just need to kick it into.HYPERDRIVE! TFW Hyperdrive is coming live Sunday, June 24th. Tickets are on sale NOW!!! Join the rush!"


Arcee: "The following contest is for one fall, and is a Last Bot Standing match for the Inter-Planetary championship. Introducing the finalists, first Hot Rod!"


"Fuel" plays and Hot Rod appears. The crowd boos the prime suspect in the Aerialbot mystery. He drives down the ramp and transforms in the ring.


Arcee: "And his opponent.Jazz!"


"Slip" plays and Jazz speeds down the ramp. He transforms in the ring in front of a roaring capacity crowd.  The people chant "Jazz! Jazz! Jazz!"


Hot Rod takes a mic, "I see you people have also realized, as I have, that it was Jazz who attacked the frail Aerialbots.  Now you are now calling for his oil.  Good on you for your detective skills."  The crowd boos as Hot Rod throws the mic at Jazz. Bumblebee calls for the bell.


Jazz stumbles back and Hot Rod charges at the Autobot with a flying elbow. Hot Rod does a gorilla press slam and leg drops Jazz. Hot Rod picks Jazz's legs up and boots Jazz in the nuts. Hot Rod waves to the crowd as they chant,


"Hot Rod Sucks! Hot Rod Sucks! Hot Rod Sucks!"


Hot Rod flips off the fans and proceeds to pick up Jazz. Jazz grabs Hot Rod by the legs and takes him down to the mat. He folds the legs into a Texas Cloverleaf. Hot Rod howls in pain and reaches for the ropes. He gets closer....closer......closer. Jazz pulls him away back into the middle of the ring. The fans cheer! Hot Rod taps out and Bumblebee breaks to hold. Jazz raises his arms in victory but Hot Rod gets up and rakes his optics.


Frenzy: "Remember, the only way to win a Last Bot Standing Match is to KO your opponent and get a 10 count. Submissions don't count!"


Hot Rod punches Jazz for a bit. Jazz blocks and counter punches.  Jazz turns up the heat a little bit.  Hot Rod stands stunned while Jazz flies against the ropes and delivers go behind DDT. The crowd is on its feet! He heads to the top rope and lands a moonsault. He gets up and Bumblebee starts the count. He gets to four before Hot Rod stands back up.


Jazz and Hot Rod lock up again. This time Hot Rod tosses Jazz to the ropes and lands a spinebuster. Hot Rod climbs to the top rope for the Freefall. He leaps into the air and transforms. Jazz rolls out of the way just as hot Rod crashes to the mat roof first. Hot Rod transforms and is laid out on the mat. Jazz picks him up..


Spike: "JAZZBUSTER! He's hit Hot Rod with the JAZZBUSTER!"


Both bots are lying on the mat.


Bumblebee :"ONE"








"FIVE" Jazz gets up.




"SEVEN" Hot Rod stirs. The crowd is in a frenzy!


"EIGHT" Hot Rod starts to get up on his elbows.


"NINE!" Hot Rod is on all fours!!!!"


"TEN!" Hot Rod collapses.


Spike: "I....YES......Jazz!......IP.....NEW CHAMPION!.....Hot Rod......Sucks......MY GOD! ......WHAT AN AMAZING FIGHT!


Arcee: "Here's your winner and NEW! Interplanetary Champion, Jazz!"


The crowd is on its feet! The applause thunders through the DC arena. The "Jazz" chant begins again.


Hot Rod rolls out of the ring. Bumblebee hands Jazz the IP championship belt. While they celebrate in the ring, Hot Rod grabs a chair from the outside. He slides into the ring and nails Jazz in the back of the head!


Spike: "NO! Jazz is down!"


Hot Rod nails Jazz with the chair again. Three times. Four. Five! He drops the chair on the leaking form of Jazz. Standing in a pool of oil, Hot Rod hoists the belt above his head with one foot on Jazzs broken chassis. The "Hot Rod Sucks" chant begins.


Frenzy: "I knew Hot Rod would be our TRUE IP champion! Wait......look at the stage!"


Spike: "It's Silverbolt"


Silverbolt runs down the ramp to the ring with a mic. Hot Rod sees him coming.


Silverbolt: "I'm taking you out Hot Blob for what you did to Jazz and what you tried with the Aerialbots!"


Hot Rod: "Oh yeah? You and what army?"


Silverbolt: "Me and this one!" Now the crowd erupts again as Fire Flight, Sky Dive, Air Raid, and Slingshot follow their leader into the ring.


Spike: "My god! The Aerialbots are re-united! Silverbolt must have faked the interview last week! The Aerialbots are back and better than ever!"




Hot Rod cowers as Superion's giant boot steps on him. Superion lifts his foot and using his rifle, scrapes the broken Hot Rod off his boot.


SUPERION: "Now we are even!"


Spike: "So does this mean that Hot Rod really did it? Did he mastermind the plot to take out the Aerialbots!?!?!"


Tire tracks flash across the Cyber-tron and "Rollin' " plays. Springer appears at the top of the ramp with a mic. He points to the ring.    "I know...."


We cut to the television control booth in DC arena. We see Shockwave towering over the techies.


"Cut the feed! NOW!"


The screen turns to static.


Results for June 11 2001

Soundwave beat Springer by pinfall

Grimlock beat Razorclaw and Headstrong for the Tag Team belts by pinfall

Jazz beat Hot Rod for the IP title by pinfall

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