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Originally aired June 18th, 2001 Edit


Only two matches tonight.Razorclaw vs Silverbolt and Hot Rod vs Springer. Oh, and the longest oration in TFW history ever...the big lead in to TFW: Hyperdrive. Edit


Ughh...when I pasted this on the site  it removed all the quotations. I hate when it does that. Takes a bloody half hour, every time. Edit

Screen goes black displaying the following:


WARNING: The following contains adult content and may not be suitable for younger viewers. Viewer discretion is advised


Last week on Energon:


  We see Soundwave and Springers match, Springers finisher and the interference of Rumble and Laserbeak. We see Bumblebee make the three count and Soundwave victorious.


  Cuts to Shockwave coming out and announcing the tag match between Thundercracker and Grimlock vs Razorclaw and Headstrong. Thundercracker refuses to tag in Grimlock who eventually beats the Predacons single handedly and then bites off his partners head.


  And here we go with the IP tournament Finals! We see the highlights of Jazz and Hot Rods match. Jazz defeats Hot Rod but is beaten badly with a titanium chair. Hot Rod claims the belt for his own.  Silverbolt enters the ring and we here their exchange and the re-appearance of the Aerialbots, who merge into Superion and stomp on Hot Rod. We see Springer come out to make some kind of announcement and Shockwave in the control room ordering the humans to cut the transmission. Springers' words echo as the replay fades.

...I Know..


  Instruments of Destruction plays and the TFW intro begins. We see various clips of Transformers executing their finishers and victory poses. Jazz is seen moon walking down the ramp. Grimlock is seen waving to the kiddies. The music climaxes with Jazz, Grimlock and Predaking raising their respective championship belts. The screen fades, zooming away from one bots singular glowing yellow eye. TFW splashes across the Cyber-tron.

  Pyros explode all over the TFW stage and cameras pan the crowds. Signs reading: Hot Rods a traitor and Soundwave for President Several fans spell J-A-Z-Z


"Evil Mastermind" plays and the lights fall in the DC arena. Shockwave, President of TFW, emerges from the back. The crowd is sent into a hysterical fit of booing. He scans the crowd and heads into the ring with a mic.


"Greetings fans of TFW! First things first, I would like to apologize for the .technical difficulties.. caused by human incompetence last week on Energon. Rest assured they shall be dealt with. "


"Rollin " plays and the crowd cheers for Springer. Hes got a mic too!


"Difficulties my exhaust pipe! You deliberately cut the transmission! What are you trying to hide Shockwave?"


"I hide nothing." The crowd starts to taunt Shockwave with a Tin can!Tin can! chant. He ignores the fans." I have been attempting to extract information about what exactly you do know. And from what I hear, you know nothing! Show the footage!"


Up on the Cyber-tron we see Wheelie tied to a table, surrounded by Decepticons. They are interrogating him.


 Soundwave: "Start talking Autobot. Shockwave wants answers."


Thundercracker: "Where is the rebel base!?!?"


Shockwave: "Stay on topic Thundercracker! What does Springer know Wheelie? "


Wheelie: "Springer didnt say anything to me, I swear! Im just tryin to keep it real! Which, reminds me my show will become a regular feature on MNE!" Wheelie gives the camera a "thumbs up".


Shockwave smacks Wheelie with his arm cannon. Oil pours from Wheelies' face. " Blast! Either this Autobot is incredibly resilient or he actually knows nothing. Better give him a stretching on the rack to be sure."


Thundercracker: "Then we will find the rebels for certain!"


Other Decepticons: "Thundercracker get your head checked again ok?"


The footage ends and the cameras turn back to the arena.


Springer: "I know more then you think...Tin Can.  I finally pieced together what happened all those weeks ago.  I didn't figure it out until you brought in Predaking.  I knew Hot Rod had something to do with it, but he didnt have nearly enough firepower to take out the Aerialbots on his own.  Then came Predaking who had more then enough firepower to do it. Mix in Hot Rod with the brains and you get scrapped Aerialbots.


 Already you've been of favoring certain bots since the very beginning.  You made it possible for Hot Rod and the Decepticons to advance in the IP tournament by tinkering with certain matches. You made it so three of the four finalists were in your camp Thundercracker, Soundwave and supposedly Hot Rod.  But Jazz surprised you didnt he?


Then the mystery opponent in the Hardcore match just happened to be the robot who'd been helping you secretly from the beginning -Predaking- so you rewarded him by making it possible for him win the Hardcore title.  Still, that doesnt explain Hot Rods part in this game.  You had the plan, you had the firepower but the only thing you didn't have was a way in. 


The Autobots locker room can only be opened by an Autobot!  Thats where Hot Rod comes in.  He took Predaking to the locker room, let him in and attempted to put the Aerialbots out for good.  Why the Aerialbots?  The only robot with enough power to take all the Decepticons and be more then a match for Predaking and the Decepticons was Superion.  You tried to take them all out, but the Autobots surprised you again."


Springer continues: "First, Silverbolt was supposed to be in the room but he wasnt, leaving him to fight Hot Rod, preventing Hot Rod from getting a free ride to the next round like you'd planned.  Second, Silverbolt lead everyone to think the Aerialbots wouldn't heal so quickly.  That lead to Hot Rod getting his tailgate kicked in by Superion.  It was a good plan..too bad it failed."


Shockwave: "Sounds very clever Autobot.  Its a very interesting story.  There are only two problems with that though.  There is no evidence and Hot Rod and Predaking would never admitted to any of these accusations."


Springer: " Y'know Shockwave, I think its about time you saw some action in the ring.  Shockwave... I challenge you to a match here tonight on Monday Night Energon. "


The fans voice their approval.


Spike: "Wow.  We are going to have a doozy of a main event tonight.  What a barn-knockin-slobber-burner!"


Frenzy: "Whaa..?Good grief man.  Im not even going to try to make you look dumb.  Youve already done that just fine."


Shockwave: "I actually like the sound of that.  Shockwave in the main event.  Hmmm..but not tonight."


Booing roars up from the crowd.


Shockwave: "I already have a few things planned for tonight.  But rest assured you shall fight me... at Hyperdrive."


The crowd is on their feet.  A Springer chant begins.


Shockwave: "For the TFW title.  I believe that would be a good debut match for me.  As for you, tonight you shall team with Hot Rod to take on Grimlock for the Tag team titles. Enjoy!


The crowd is angered by this obvious ploy and begins to boo!  Springer lifts the mic to respond when through the entryway emerges Hot Rod who jumps Springer.  Hot Rod fires mad lefts and rights at the other Autobot.  Springer begins to fight back as Bumblebee tries to break them up.


Hot Rod is pushed back by Bumblebee.  Hot Rod stumbles down the ramp over to the announcers table and grabs a mic.


"Forget the tag match.  Your true Inter-planetary champion wants Springer in the ring a non title match of course.  Do you accept or yield?  I'm sick of you and your wild rantings about me being...evil.  Your champion awaits a response."


Springer responds: "Uhh...Jazz is the champion, not you.  As for your match...YOUR ON!!!!"


"Rollin" plays on the loud speakers drowning out Shockwave who is raving about the evenings plans.  Springer points to Hot Rod before going back stage.


Spike:  "Holy spank my monkey Frenzy!  We finally have a main event for our first pay-per-view.  Oh wow!"


Frenzy peers over at Spike, starts to speak, but stops, shakes his head and continues.


Frenzy: "Any way, the other matches already signed for Sunday June 24th include a rematch of the IP finals.  Hot Rod and Jazz go one on one in a ladder match for the IP gold."


Spike: "Also at Hyperdrive will be a grudge match for the tag team titles. Thundercracker looks for revenge as he and Grimlock lock horns in a titanium cage match."


Frenzy: "And finally, SUPERION, PREDAKING, Hardcore title on the line.  With the supposed accusations against Predaking involving the Aerialbots, look for Superion to try and get a little payback. We now go to Wheelie with a special Hyperdrive report."


Wheelie face splashes across the Cyber-tron.  Wheelie looks fairly mangled.  Duct tape looks to be all that is keeping him from falling apart. 


"Wheelie here, still kickin' after the brutal and uncalled for attack on your favorite field reporter.  But I'm still keepin' it real here on TFW.  Against my better judgment I'm here with the pile of scrap they call Thundercracker.  At Hyperdrive you take on Grimlock.  He s gonna git you sucka.  I mean your gonna get worked buddy. Your comments?"


"I knew by the look in your eye that you were not to be trusted, Grimlock," says Thundercracker.  "This is not about the tag team title, this is not about coming out under your music, its not even about kicking me off your lousy little Autobot tag team.  This is about you biting MY head off.

When you bit my head off you caused damage, a lot of damage and the Mechanic will have it all repaired by Hyperdrive! I demand a rematch you and me in a titanium cage at TFW Hyperdrive!"


Wheelie: " already have your rematch. Spike and Frenzy were just talking about it, foo!"


"That's good cause he sucks anyway.  King my boosters."


"...Great.  Well thats all for now, at least from Thundercracker.  This is Wheelie keepin it real in TFW baby."


Thundercracker babbles on: "I like stories."


Frenzy: "It's a shame such a mighty Decepticon warrior has been reduced to that."


Spike: "I guess Grimlocks finisher last week went straight to Thundrecrackers head. Heh. I made a funny."


Frenzy: "By Primus, you suck Spike. Lets get to the first match already."


Arcee: "The following contest is for one fall. Introducing the combatants, first, Razorclaw!"


"Welcome to the Jungle" plays and Razorclaw, leader of the Predacons heads to the ring. He raises the Hardcore title above his head to taunt the fans.


"Dare" plays and Silverbolt flies into the ring, transforms and attacks Razorclaw. He whips Razorclaw to the ropes. Razorclaw leaps and nails Silverbolt with the belt, which he was still holding, nearly knocking him out.


Spike: "Hey, this isn't a Hardcore match. What gives?"


Razorclaw then proceeds to stomp Silverbolt.  Suddenly, Slingshot flies to the ring, strafes Razorclaw and transforms, tackling the Predacon.


Frenzy: "What! Look as these cheating Autobots! Hot Rod is right. The Aerialbots ARE evil!"


Slingshot is now beating Razorclaw on the mat. Silverbolt recovers and joins the beating. Suddenly, Headstrong charges down the ramp in Rhino mode. He slides into the ring and spears the Aerialbots.


Frenzy: "GORE! GORE!"


Headstrong transforms and puts the boots to Silverbolt and Slingshot.


Spike: "Looks like the grudge between the Aerialbots and the Predacons is heating up! Weve lost control of the match!"


One by one, the rest of the Aerialbots and Predacons pile into the ring in beating the grease out of each other.


"Aerialbots! Merge to form SUPERION!"


"Oh yeah? Predacons merge into PREDAKING!"


The battle rages on as the gestalts fight onto the outside, through the stands and finally through a wall and outside.


After a few seconds, Bumblebee calls for the bell.


Arcee: "This match has been ruled a draw, by way of a double count out."


Frenzy: "Dang! I really wanted to see Predaking trash Inferion"


Spike: "Guess well go to tonights main event."


Arcee: "Introducing first...Hot Rod!"


The fans roar in a fit of boos and taunts.  "Fuel" plays over the speakers as Hot Rod appears from the back.  The fans continue to boo.  The camera pans to signs saying, "Hot Rod is EVIL!!" and "Grimlock ate my other sign".  Hot Rod rolls down to ringside. He flips into the ring.  Hot Rod transforms and raises his hand towards the crowd.


Arcee: "And his opponent...Springer!"


"Rollin" begins to play as tire tracks fly across the screen.  Springer walks out and stands on the stage.  The fans start to cheer as they begin to chant, "SPRINGER, SPRINGER!".  Springer raises his hand and in response the crowd explodes in a thunderous cheer.  Springer walks down the ramp and enters the ring.


Hot Rod jumps him and boots him in the nuts.


Bumblebee rings the bell and match begins. Hot Rod lands various blows to the groin and then a Nutter-Butter.


Hot Rod goes to hit Springer again, but this time Springer kicks Hot Rod away.  Springer jumps to his feet diving at Hot Rod, firing lefts and rights.  Bumblebee calls for the break while Hot Rod pokes Springer in the optics.  Springer stumbles back as Hot Rod takes him off his feet with a clothesline.  He pulls Springer up and launches him against the ropes.  Hot Rod scoops up Springer on the return and slams him to the mat.  Hot Rod turns to the crowd who boos him in response. 


Suddenly the wall caves in and Superion and Predaking come crashing through.  The massive gestalts struggle through the ring, toppling everyone.  Hot Rod gets stepped on several times, while Springer gets swatted to the side.  Bumblebee flees in terror to the safety of the outside of the ring.


Superion and Predaking crash through the opposite wall leaving chaos in their wake.  Springer climbs back to his feet as Bumblebee gets back into the ring.  Springer pulls Hot Rod up off the mat and whips him into the ropes.  He topples Hot Rod with a thunderous Spinebuster.  Springer turns to the crowd and calls for the Retribution.  Springer picks up Hot Rod and puts him in the rebel rack, planting Hot Rod and going for the cover.


Bumblebee: "ONE!...TWO!...THREE!"


Springer climbs to the top turnbuckle and raises his hand to the crowd.  The crowd roars their approval.  Springer makes his way out of the arena.  Hot Rod calls Springer for help.  Springer looks back to Hot Rod.  He stares at Hot Rod for a moment...then turns and leaves. A broken Hot Rod is left alone in the ring.


Frenzy: "Hot Rod abandoned by his fellow Autobots! What next?"


Spike: "With Hyperdrive just days away, well just have to wait and see Frenzy. Well just have to wait and see."


Results for June 18 2001

Razorclaw and Silverbolt both DQd

Springer beat Hot Rod by pinfall