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This is TFW's archieved episode page. There may be spoilers in the episode descriptions, so scroll carefully.

Energon Episode 1

The very first episode of Transformer Wrestling! Four matches featuring Hot Rod vs. Grimlock, Jazz vs. Springer, Soundwave vs. Silverbolt and Thundercracker vs. Slingshot in the 1st round of IP Championship Tournament action! 

Energon Episode 2

Three matches- Jazz vs Soundwave and Hot Rod vs Thundercracker in Round 2 of the IP Title Tournament and Springer vs Silverbolt vs Grimlock for the Hardcore title!

Energon Episode 3

Three matches: Springer vs Soundwave, Grimlock vs Razorclaw and Headsrong and Jazz vs Hot Rod in the IP finals, plus a cliffhanger ending!

Energon Episode 4

Only two matches tonight.Razorclaw vs Silverbolt and Hot Rod vs Springer. Oh, and the longest oration in TFW history ever...the big lead in to TFW: Hyperdrive.

Energon Episode 5

In this TFW Pay-Per-View Extravaganza, we see Superion vs. Predaking, Grimlock vs. Thundercracker, Jazz vs. Hot Rod and in the main event, Springer vs Shockwave for the title!

Energon Episode 6

This week's current episode!