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Originally aired May 28th, 2001

The thing I miss most about the old TFW website was our message boards which have been lost. I'm going to try to describe the roleplaying that created the TFW characters as you see them in this first episode. Basically, Hot Rod's handler made him out to be a wise cracking punk with no respect for anyone, not even fellow Autobots. Superion/The Aerialbots handler took greatest exception to this and a bitter fued erupted on the RP boards for weeks before the actual 1st episode aired. Both Jazz and Springer tried to keep the peace, in vain.
All this culminated into the very first episode of TFW: Energon!

  It is twilight outside Decepticon City- location of the Transformer Wrestling arena. Inside, human fans of all ages populate the first and second tiers of the stands. The transformers sitting at floor level have gathered from across the galaxy to witness the first episode of TFW- perhaps to scout the wrestlers before joining?


Camera crews can be seen scattered about the floor to broadcast the spectacle about to unfold.


The lights of DC arena suddenly fall. The crowd murmurs nervously. A few of the rowdier sections whistle and cheer in the dark. After a few seconds a massive explosion bursts from the stage followed by red and blue pyros and fireworks. TFW appears in steel letters across the Cyber-tron. The crowd cheers as the display continues.


SPIKE: Hello wrestling fans! Welcome to the inaugural episode of Transformer Wrestlings' Monday Night Energon! Im Spike Whitwicky joined at ringside by Frenzy!


FRENZY: I wish I could say its a pleasure to be here with you Spike, butits not. Why cant I wrestle tonight!


SPIKE: Thats because Shockwave wanted to equally represent TFW on TV. One pro Autobot announcer, one pro Decepticon announcer, Shockwave runs the fed, but Bumblebee refs and decides winners! Its all about balance.


FRENZY: Look! Womans buttocks!

SPIKE: What? Where!

FRENZY: Ha ha ha! Just kidding!


Meanwhile, in the Autobot locker room Silverbolt is preparing for his match against Soundwave. The other Aerialbots surround him.

Skydive: All right Silverbolt! You get to wrestle in the first ever match of TFW!

Air Raid: Your gonna work Soundwave!

Fire Flight: And move on in the tournament to become IP champ!


"Youll have to do a lot of upgrading to match the capacity of a toaster before youd even stand a chance against me. The only thing you could beat is low grade meter-maid." says Hot Rod


"Shut the hell up!" snaps Silverbolt. "I cant wait to beat some respect into you Hot Rod. I hope you only make it as far in the tourney as I do, so I can teach you some humility!" Silverbolt storms out of the locker room.


"Process this!" Hot Rod flips off Silverbolt as he leaves.


We cut back to the arena. "Evil Mastermind" plays over the speakers and Shockwave emerges from the back. He ignores the booing from Autobots and Autobot fans in the crowd and proceeds to the ring covered in the hue of green blue and purple flashing lights.


Arcee, the ring announcer speaks into the mic. "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome founder and president of Transformer Wrestling, Shockwave!"

            Shockwave steps over the ropes into the massive ring built specifically for transformers. He takes Arcees mic and shoos her out of the ring. The music is cut.


" Transformer Wrestling!" The crowd cheers.

"Tonight we will start our tournament to choose an Inter Planetary champion. We wont give any titles away yet; our bots must earn the right to compete for gold...which is what they shall do tonight! In time I shall determine who shall compete for our Cybertron World Heavyweight Title at our first pay-per-view...Hyperdrive! But I have matters to discuss about our very first match tonight!"    

 "Originally scheduled for our first match were Soundwave and Silverbolt. I have decided to change this. It seems Silverbolt and another Autobot, Hot Rod are have some difficulty adjusting to TFW. It occurs to me that they should meet each other in the first round here tonight!"


There is a mixed reaction from the crowd - Autobot vs Autobot?


"Now without further ado, let us begin!" Shockwave hands back the mic to Arcee and exits the ring.


FRENZY: Whoa! Hot Rod and Silverbolt fighting to advance in the IP title tournament tonight! This is great!

SPIKE: But if they're fighting each other, who will take on Soundwave in round one?


Spikes question is answered as "Raise a Little Hell" plays over the arena. The crowd cheers for a fan favorite. Grimlock enters the stage area in dinosaur mode, waving at the kiddies in the stands. He transforms and climbs into the ring. He takes the mic from Arcee before she can announce anything.




  Soundwave appears at the top of the ramp as Eject plays. He coolly walks to the ring and climbs in. Arcee takes the mic back from Grimlock.

  "And his opponentSoundwave!"


Bumblebee asks for a good clean match and calls for the bell.


SPIKE: Here we go with the first match in TFW history!

FRENZY: Go Soundwave!


The match begins with Grimlock flexing and posing to the crowd. Soundwave is not impressed. He grasps Grimlock around the waist and performs a German suplex. Grimlock lands with his shoulders down. Bumblebee counts "ONE...TWO"

Grimlock kicks out and rises to his feet only to be clotheslined back down to the mat.


FRENZY: Look! Soundwave is putting the boots to Grimlock! Yeah! Nail that big oaf!


Grimlock rises and growls, "OK NOW ME MAD!" Grimlock blocks a punch and hoists Soundwave over his head and hurls him to the mat.


SPIKE: Look at the strength of Grimlock!

FRENZY: So what! Soundwave is a million times smarter than that dino dimwit is! Hes not even close to finished!


Meanwhile, Grimlock has picked up Soundwave and tossed him into the corner. He charges at the Decepticon and crushes him in the turnbuckle. The crowd cheers as Grimlock calls for his finisher, The Head Chomp! Grimlock transforms and picks up Soundwave in his tiny arms, opening his jaws.


Suddenly a high pitched blast of ultrasound deafens everyone in the arena. Grimlock is blown over by the attack as Soundwave escapes his clutches. Grimlock transforms and struggles to get up. Soundwave grasps Grimlock from behind in a Sleeper hold. Bumblebee asks Grimlock if he wants to give up. Grimlock grunts what Bumblebee assumes is a no. Grimlock rises to his feet attempting to shake his opponent off his back. The flow of oil is being cut off to Grimlocks processor. Soundwave tightens the hold. Grimlock seems to be fading fast now. Bumblebee raises the Dinobots arm and lets it drop. "ONE."


SPIKE: If Grimlock doesnt respond by the third count, Soundwave will win by knockout!


Grimlocks arm falls a second time. "TWO." His arm is raised one final time. The crowd is silent. Frenzy is on the edge of his seat. Bumblebee lets it fallbut it stops half way down! Grimlock rises to his feet once more, getting a second wind!




Soundwave jumps forcing the back of Grimlocks head down to the mat. The ring shudders at the impact.


FRENZY: YES! Iacon Driver! Its over!


Soundwave climbs on top of Grimlock.


Bumblebee: "ONE...TWO...THREE!" He calls for the bell.


Arcee: Heres your winner by pinfall, Soundwave!


The crowd boos as Soundwave rolls out of the ring and proceeds to the exit up the ramp. Grimlock rolls over in the ring.


FRENZY: There we have it! The first Decepticon victory in TFW!


Our camera cuts to the Autobot locker room where we find the Autobots looking glum.


Hot Rod: See! What did I tell you? A kids spelling computer could pull out a win against Grimlock! What a dolt!


Jazz: Damn man, cool it! Were all on the same side, remember? C'mon Springer! Let me show you how the first IP champ is going to whoop everyone!


Springer raises an optic brow and gets up following Jazz out the door.


Hot Rod mumbles something and turns around. The five Aerialbots all glare at him. Hod Rod decides to take a walk, rather than sit in the same room as his opponent. "I'm outta here."


Silverbolt: I need to get out of here too. You guys want a drink or something?


Slip plays and Jazz enters onto the stage. He grooves to his music and walks up the stairs and over the ropes. He does a little moonwalk in the center of the ring to the fans delight.


Tire tracks flash across the Cyber-tron. Rollin hits the speakers. Springer flies into the arena in chopper mode. He lands in the ring and transforms to robot.


SPIKE: Next up in the IP title tournament, a match between Springer and Jazz!

FRENZY: Looks like the Autobots are about the get their first victory in TFW right now.

SPIKE: But...they're both Autobots!

FRENZY: Exactly! They cant lose this time!  Spike sighs.


The bell rings and the match begins.

"Just a friendly little match right Springer?" says Jazz

"Not when gold is up for grabs!"


With that Springer nails Jazz with a right hand knocking him to the ground. Jazz sweeps Springers legs out from under him and goes for a leg lock. Bumblebee counts to five and breaks the hold. Both combatants get up. Jazz grapples and whips Springer to the ropes. On the return Jazz delivers a drop-kick to the knee and Springer goes down again. Jazz bashes the knee into the mat a few times before picking Springer up and whipping him to the ropes again.

This time, Springer levels Jazz with a monstrous clothesline. Jazz is picked up and held over Springers head for a few seconds before returning to the mat by a body press slam. The dazed Jazz is picked up and whipped into the ropes receiving a boot to the face and a body splash after he falls to the mat.


FRENZY: Hey I think I like this Springer guy. Hes ruthless even against his own team members! Jazz is done for!


Springer has propped Jazz up in the corner. He sits on the top turnbuckle when Jazz shakes the cobwebs loose and punches him in the gut a few times. Jazz climbs up, checks behind him and measures up the distances. He performs a huge Hurracanrana crashing Springer to the mat headfirst. He goes for the cover.


Bumblebee: "ONE...TWO...THREE!"


Springer kicks out a microsecond too late.


Arcee: Heres your winnerJAZZ!


SPIKE: Amazing! Jazz was being bot-handled by Springer and pulled this amazing victory out of his

FRENZY: Hey hey! There are kids watching this! But I agree with you. I never did like that Springer guy. My money was on Jazz the entire time.

SPIKE: Sure Frenzy.


Cameras cut back to the Autobot locker area. Silverbolt enters with a tray of energon shakes. He sees that smoke has filled the room. Cameramen try to find something to explain what happened.

"What the? Slingshot! Skydive! Are you okay? Guys?"

 The camera pans past the smoking broken forms of the four other Aerialbots



TECHIE: Camera crew four to Ratchet!. Emergency in the Autobot locker room. Report immediately.


Silverbolt yells and runs out the door, enraged.

Cameraman: What did that guy say on his way out?

Cameraman2: I dont know. Something about a "Hot Rod?"

The crowd who had been watching this on the Cyber-tron boos.


"Fuel" hits the arena and Hot Rod appears. He steps out and raises one hand. With an almost cocky strut, Hot Rod strolls down the ramp and enters the ring. A hush falls over the crowd not so much in awe but almost in disgust. Hot Rod grabs Arcees mic

"Hot Rod here, I'm a bot of few words so I'll be brief. There is no one here who can defeat me...not even the mighty Aerialbots. Silverbolt you want to try, I'll be here". The crowd begins to boo Hot Rod again. A few seconds go by. Hot Rod speaks into the mic again. "Cmon Silverbolt! Where are ya!"


FRENZY: Listen to all that booing! Youd think this guy had killed somebody!

SPIKE: By all accounts he may have destroyed the Aerialbots!


"Fine. I can understand that youre afraid of me. I guess I win by no show then." Hot Rod smirks.

Booing thunders through the DC arena.


FRENZY: It sounds like the crowd thinks he did it!


"Dare" plays and the crowds boos turn into cheers! Silverbolt soars down the ramp in jet mode, and rams Hot Rod into the ropes. Silverbolt transforms and stands over Hot Rod, taking his mic.

"You! You took out my fellow Aerialbots!"

"WHAT?! What do you mean I took them out! They were fine just a few minutes ago!"

"Now theyve practically been scrapped! Youve had it out for us since we got to TFW!"

"What are you talking about!? I didn't do anything to anyone!"


Silverbolt lashes out at Hod Rod and the bell rings. Silverbolt unleashes a furious barrage of rights and lefts. The crowd is behind Silverbolt, rooting him on. Silverbolt grabs Hot Rod and flies high above the ring.


SPIKE: I think hes going for his finisher, the Supersonic Drop!


Silverbolt has Hot Rod in a Death Valley Driver and starts falling back to the mat. Hot Rod manages to work his way out of the hold and maneuvers just in time to use Silverbolt as a cushion on impact with the mat. Hot Rod bounces off of Silverbolt, who is now lying motionless after the impact of the failed Supersonic Drop. Hot Rod stirs, and slowly gets to his feet. He struggles to climb the top of a nearby turnbuckle and faces his back toward Silverbolt. He leaps into a moonsault transforming in mid air, landing in car mode on top of Silverbolt.


SPIKE: No way! Hod Rods Freefall! As if Silverbolt wasnt finished already!


Hot Rod transforms back to a robot and makes the cover.


Bumblebee: "ONE! TWO! THREE!"


Arcee: "Heres your winner, Hot Rod!"


The crowd boos as Hot Rod jumps in celebration.


SPIKE: What an incredible match! Hot Rod advances to the second round of the IP tournament!

FRENZY: Along with Jazz, Soundwave and I assume Thundercracker, who's opponent Slingshot has been mysteriously slagged.

SPIKE: But by who? I hope it wasn't Hot Rod. You know.I havent even seen Thundercracker at all tonight! I bet it was the Decepticons!

FRENZY: Oh sure, the pro Autobot announcer thinks it was a Decepticon! Thats pretty biased dont you think?

SPIKE: Whatever it was that attacked the Aerialbots is as yet unknown. Perhaps time can shed some light on this and the Aerialbots condition.

FRENZY: Finally, with Thundercracker winning by default, that means were out of matches for tonight. So well see you all next week for more TFW action! Same bot-time! Same bot-channel. Good night!


Final Results for Energon May 28, 2001

Soundwave beat Grimlock by Pinfall to advance to Round 2

Jazz beat Springer by Pinfall to advance to Round 2

Hot Rod beat Silverbolt by Pinfall to advance to Round 2

Thundercracker beat Slingshot by No-Show to advance to Round 2